Success Story #2

May 2016

Name: Robyn Wiles


As a child growing up I was always overweight. I was always bigger then all the other girls and always jealous of the skinny, petite girls in high school. I liked to eat and didn’t eat very healthy either. My parents divorced when I was 7 and I can remember my dad always buying me donuts and candy bars so I guess I always thought of those kinds of foods as rewards. In high school I didn’t play any sports I was more of the artsy type. When I was 19 I joined the local YMCA and I lost about 10 lbs I remember feeling so proud when I could run a mile non stop for the first time. But then came college and stress and I quickly put all the weight back on. I would say I did not have very good self esteem so I would turn to food to make me feel better. As an adult I was always a womens sz 12-14 and exercise and health were not in my vocabulary. Then came marriage and kids. Pregnancy weight and being exhausted from raising two small children got the best of me. Then one day when my son was about 9 mos old I decided I was sick and tired of being “fat” and exhausted all the time. I reached out on Facebook and someone suggested running. So I decided I’d give it a try. At first I couldn’t run a block without being so out of breath but little by little I stuck with it and after a few weeks I could run 1/2 mile without stopping. I kept at it and my distance without stopping kept going up and the scale was slowly going down! After about 4 months I lost about 25 lbs. I was thrilled and the more I lost the more motivation it gave me to keep at it. At first I didn’t change my eating habits too much but then a light bulb went off and I started eating more healthy, more veggies and fruits and less cookies and junk. That was 4 years ago and I have kept it off all this time. I loved running abd looked forward to “my time.” I would wake up early and go before my kids woke up or after dinner so my husband could watch them. I also started strength training and hiit exercises at home with dumb bells and kettle bells. I enjoyed the variation between running and weights. In January of this year I made it my goal to get stronger and found a great program to follow problem was I needed machines at a gym to perform the sets. That’s when I joined Flex World and really started focusing on lifting weights. I am totally hooked and seeing positive changes in the shape and strength of my body. I am 35 and in the best shape of my life. I no longer wear a sz 12/14 but a single digit pants size!!! I love being able to set a good example for my children and I have gained so much confidence along the way. I know if I can lose weight and keep it off so can anyone. I still love food and love to eat but I have found a good balance. I no longer am jealous of the “skinny girls” and love my body and all that it can and has done for me.